Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Need To Get Something Off My Chest...


Its not that I just dislike Obama...HE SERIOUSLY SCARES ME TO DEATH! My strong emotions are based on the facts, even some words straight from the horses mouth. (Sources included).

1. OBAMA'S TRICKLE UP THEORY OF ECONOMICS (aka: Spread the Wealth Around). Obama said it himself, "I want to make sure that everybody who is behind you, that they've got a chance for success, too. My attitude is that if the economy's good for folks from the bottom up, it's gonna be good for everybody. I think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody." That was from 2008 but it wasn't the first time he said as he did in 2001 on an Chicago radio interview.

He is completely against the American dream! I don't want to pay for someone else. I should be able to choose to whom I am charitable too. Not be forced by the government. NOR do I want some billionaire to pay one cent for me! I want to make it in America ON MY OWN.

Not only is Obama's trickle-up economics not fair but it will breed mediocrity in America. Why does America have the best health care, education, companies, etc. in the world? Because of capitalism. Capitalism goes away with an Obama administration. If working hard only gets your hard earned money taken from you and given to someone else, why work so hard? There is no incentive to be productive and to produce the best when efforts are shared with those who sat on their arse and did nothing. This (Socialism) has been tried in other countries (France, Sweden, etc.) and IT DOES NOT WORK. Mix this theory into a crap economy and PLOP...America is just another crap country that can't get by. America as we know it fails to exist with this single Obama policy alone.

2. OBAMA'S TAX POLICY. Obama's policy on tax cuts to "help the middle class" + $1 trillion in spending makes NO SENSE. First, the math doesn't add up. Someone is going to have to pay for this "bigger government" idea. Secondly, its not really a tax cut, its actually a "check" directly from Obama himself. Sounds like a payoff to me. Vote for Obama and get a check from him. A bribe. This bribe is suppose to be paid to "95% of Americans". Problem is that 40% of Americans don't even pay taxes. WHAT??? Again, spreading the wealth around. It just pisses me OFF!

3. OBAMA'S SPENDING: $1 trilling in spending for more government programs. We need smaller government, not bigger. Bigger doesn't work! It was tried in the 1930's with FDR'S meddling in the great depression. The Depression wasn't "great" in Europe. It only lasted 3 years there. But in the US, it lasted 10+ years because FDR/government insisted on being involved. BUTT THE HECK OUT OF OUR LIVES. Obama would walk in the same footsteps of FDR. We'd be doomed.

4. His foreign policies are a joke. I don't agree with "negotiating with terrorists". Its never been the American way yet Obama said he's sit across the table Ahmadinejad (Iranian terrorist President) who said he wanted to "wipe Israel off the map" and calls Israel "a stinking corpse". Terrorist men cannot be reasoned with. Where is the logic in it?

- ACORN (which is suppose to be a non-profit agency, who gets large amounts of government $$ YET is the #1 largest contributor to Obama's campaign AND is responsible for voter fraud). How does that work? Obama also was a community organizer for this shady organization who has signed up cartoons characters and dead people to vote. Nothing shady there right?

- TERRORIST BILL AYERS who says that he doesn't regret the terrorist action he took against the U.S.(his comments made in just the last few years, though bombing was in the 60's) AND also believes that children can be aborted up until the age of 2. WHAT? Obama likes to say that he was just a child when this attack took place, however, he's been hanging with this guy who doesn't regret is grievous anti-American actions. Obama even launched his run for the IL Senate on Ayer's front lawn. They seem pretty tight to me. HOW CAN WE DISMISS THIS?

- REV. WRIGHT, Obama's pastor for 20 years until it wasn't convenient for his run for the Presidency. Rev. Wright, who hates American, even damning America, preaches this sentiment and the Black Christian Ideology which states that the African American race is superior and still owed for the enslaved of their ancestors, just to name a few. How could one attend for 20 years and say that they don't believe? I'm no dummy. Obama himself is a racist as he church teachers. He says so in his own words (link herein). We need a President that is color blind. American's deserve that.

- MICHELLE OBAMA. She's anti-American and never has been proud of country until husband ran for President. That is her own words. Excuse me? She has an ivy league education...the best in the world and she's never been proud of her country before now? Cry me a frickin' river. I bet she didn't have to pay for it either. Why does she hate America so bad? Oh yah, refer to Rev. Wright above.

Mr. Obama, I say to you ..."Show me your friends and I'll show you your future." An future with Obama is not good.

6. DEMOCRATIC POWER HOUSE: With a democratic House(projected), Senate and president, Americans are sure to lose our 2nd amendment rights (to bear arms)in no time at all. Demo's have been itching to take that one from us for some time now. As soon as they have the power, its gone. Additionally, the Fairness Doctrine will be introduced with no chance of a fillabuster. There goes another American right...freedom of speech. (The democratic party has been hi-jacked by liberal leftists and Democrats should be pissed off.)

7. OBAMA'S CONSTITUTIONAL VIEWS: Obama says that the "constitution is fundamentally flawed". Excuse me? The Constitution foundation of America. Its been working for over 200 yeras and now its "FLAWED?" No, you're flawed Mr. Obama in thinking you are bigger than the US Constitution. No man is bigger than it. The Constitution has safeguards in place so that no one man is above anyone. Otherwise, its called a dictatorship. Sounds like democracy doesn't work for Obama. Wonder what he'll do about that if he gets the presidency and he can play puppet master with Congress.

8. OBAMA-CARE. Basically, its socialized health care. It doesn't work in Canada or Europe, why would it work here? They have already prove it sucked. Who would be that stupid? Oh yah, Obama. (For the record, McCain's policy stinks too.)

9. MEDIA WANTS OBAMA TO WIN. I nearly would not vote for Obama on the sole fact that its what the media wants me to do. What happened to unbias reporting? The latest being LA Times tape scandal in that they refuse to show the tape of Obama at a party hosted by a Neo-Nazi, Rashid Khalidi. Also, our enemies want Obama to be our president. Why? What is it that he will do or not do that will make them happy? Or an Obama administration will make America weak and susceptible to terrorist attacks. I don't know but I don't want to find out.

10. OBAMA'S JUDICIAL CHOICES: Obama said "We need somebody who's got the heart, the empathy to recognize what it's like to be a young teenage mom. The empathy to understand what it's like to be poor, or African-American, or gay, or disabled, or old. And that's the criteria by which I'm going to be selecting my judges." What happened to justice being BLIND. Isn't the little justice lady icon holding the scales of justice completely blindfolded? That wasn't a fashion statement. The reason for the blindfold is to signify that justice is equal for ALL. Not just who Obama thinks it should be applied to.

11. SECURITY OF U.S. UNDER OBAMA: It was once said by one of our founding fathers "If anyone thinks that security can exist without freedom then they do not deserve both and they stand to lose both." Under an Obama administration, we will lose freedoms and it will make for a weaker, frail, submissive America that will succumb to our enemies.

12. EXPERIENCE: From the time that Obama was sworn into the senate (Jan. 2005) to the time he formed his presidential campaign, he had only 144 days of experience...actual on the job experience. That is not enough experience for the promotion of the President of the U.S. (Note: McCain had just under 2000 days of experience.) McCain was a POW longer than Obama's been a Senator. Makes me go "hm".

13. OBAMA'S ABORTION STANCE: Out of his own mouth, Obama tells us why he is the most dangerous person in America to unborn babies.

14. TRICKY WORDS OF OBAMA: When he's not being a fence sitter, Obama is being very sly with his words. "He says, "I'll consider offshore drilling" and "I'll consider nuclear power," but the truth is, he already has, and he won't do those things. Sen. McCain will tell you where he stands, because he rather lose an election than deceive the American people." Even today, Obama said that he is against same-sex marriages but also against ending its practice in CA. Fence sitter? Um, ya. He's a chicken to share the truth. No matter your stance, Obama's non-stance is typical and its disappointing. We will only learn the truth of his intentions when its too late.

So, just a few reasons for my fear so is there any question to why I'm so FREAKED OUT? I wish I could say I felt better for unloading, but I don't. I hope that most Americans can feel in there gut that something "just isn't right" with this guy and they don't elect him.

If you need me, I'll be rocking myself in the shower curled in the fetal position.

(For the record, not one Glenn Beck reference.)

Guilty Pleasure

One thing that brings me the so much joy each night is America's Funniest Videos. Call me a simpleton...I fully admit when it comes to entertainment, I'm easily appease. No matter how many times I've seen an particular AFV episode, I laugh as if its the first time. Kids and silly pets are hilarious! Its my mental therapy. I can have the worst day of my life and my mood change 360 degrees within minutes. I've been tuning in 5 days a week for almost a year.

However, I was delivered a big blow last I got word that this viewing pleasure will be discontinued effective November 1st. I am utterly devastated.

I blame Obama.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Ty Guy!

I'm the proud aunt of Tyler...he just turned 5 years old this weekend and he's the most adorable 5 year old around!

My Ty guy was born without an ear. Well, he has part of an ear but nothing that resembles much of one. I know that his cute mom (my sister Ann) has been concerned about how kids would react to this set back. More importantly, how Tyler would handle their reaction (kids can be so mean). Well, just this past weekend, there was an exchange on the soccer field between some kid and Tyler about this particular subject. This is how it went down:

Ann: "Hey Ty, what was that kid saying to you at your soccer game?"

Ty: "He said that I had an ugly ear."

Ann: "Well that isn't a very nice thing for him to say."

Ty: "I know.... I thought he had an ugly face, but I didn't say anything."

Ann: (had to walk away because I was laughing so hard)

LOL. I think my lil Ty guy is going to be JUST FINE!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Could Reality TV Get Anymore Awesomely Bad?

Well, maybe not "awesomely bad" but just ridiculously "lame". (Insert obvious hand motion here). I stumbled around the TV this weekend and discovered a new low in reality TV. That would be..."Paris Hilton's New BFF". Crap, I can no longer respect myself if I use "that hot" and now "bff"????? Again, LAME! (I clearly choose to be in denial about the Paris and Carl's Jr. affiliation. That is just asking me to give up way too much). So, you could guess but the premise of this show (maybe not a new show, but new to me, who knows) is for contestants to compete to be crowned as Paris's new "best friend forever". Of coarse there is the standard ridiculous challenge, and the big "who gets sent home" climax at the end of each episode. I fully admit to watching 20 minutes of this show out of pure train wreck curiosity. For a moment, it made me so sad for those poor pathetic contestants...and then I quickly rushed off to rocked myself in the shower.

Reality TV, why do you hate me?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Where is the Freakin' Accountability or a Gun?

Way to kick tax payers while we're down. I cannot BELIEVE the nerve of these people! I just read the report about AIG executives, who spent $440,000 on an "executive retreat" within a week of receiving a government bailout!!!! WHAT THE H??? The receipt on the hotel bill showed:

- $139,000 hotel rooms
- $147,301 banquets
- $23,380 undisclosed spa treatments
- $6,939 golf
- $9,980 room service, cocktails

ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME????? Seriously, this is why we shouldn't bail out ANYONE! Let them all fail for their own mistakes and maybe they will learn. Yet, we just handed out $700B + $140B (in pork). Even with regs and standards to hold them by, WE CAN'T TRUST ANYONE to use OUR money responsibly ESPECIALLY IN FREAKIN' D.C. Mark my words, it'll be abused, like the bail out for AIG, and IT WON'T EVEN HELP our economic crisis! It just puts a damn Band-Aid on a gushing heart attack! Damn the Republicans! Damn the Demos! Its a freaking crock!!! I'm so freakin' pissed off! Our country has been hijacked by a bunch of douche bags in blue suits that call themselves "patriotic"! DAMN THE F-ING MAN!

(Looks like I've forgotten the messages of conference already...oops.)