Friday, January 23, 2009

Size Doesn't Matter

My cute little Morleigh LOVES LOVES LOVES boxes!!! Any time one is around she'll jump in it as soon as she spots it and play around, hide, or take a nap. I guess she's like any toddler...they love boxes too. Recently after a shoe shopping extravaganza, as I was putting new shoes away, I turned around and discovered that for Morleigh, size doesn't really matter.

"Fat cat in a little box"

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My President

Its no secret that Obama was not my guy at election time but it turns out that no matter my opinion or my vote, he is my guy now.

As my president..

- I will respect him for the office that he holds but I will not follow him blindly.
- I will support the things he does that I believe to be right and good for our nation but I must question and discourage those things that I feel are wrong.
- I will pray for him.

As an American...

- I do respect Obama for rising above the culture and poverty he grew up in and the difficult family situation he was raised in to become the leader of the free world.
- I am touched that he is such a great father and husband.
- I am grateful that American has elected our first African American president and what that says about us.
- I vow that I will NOT follow the example of many liberal Americans of the last 8 years who hated, attacked, and totally disrespected a president 100% of the time SOLEY for being in a different party than them. Obama and I are bound to disagree on many things (he's a liberal democrat / I am a conservative), that is inevitable. Again, I will praise and support him on the issues that we connect on and even if we disagree 99.9%, I won't hate or disrespect him just for being a liberal.
- who voted against him, I hope that I voted wrong. I truly hope that Obama proves my hesitation about him to be completely unfounded.

God Bless America.

Monday, January 12, 2009

One of Amy's Toe Tappin' Tunes

My first post of 2009 goes to a very blog-worthy song..."Spiraling" by Keane. I AM TOTALLY IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG!!! Its got an very original sound, its funky, its a bit saucy (to me), and its Keane, one of my all time favorite bands...(they are adorable, can you blame me?)

What is it about? I have no clue. Okay, I have some idea but I would love your opinion on the song meaning. Can some of you deep thinkers help this yellow out? It could be about dog food or taxes and I'd love it (the sound really rocks my face off) but I seriously wonder if I get the meaning of it.

Now its possible you have heard it all before or its been on the radio (I have no idea, I don't listen to the radio) but if not, check it out here and then give me your two cents.
I hope you fall in love with it too.