Friday, August 29, 2008

The Reason I Just Might Vote For McCain

SARAH PALIN...and it has nothing to do with her gender. I first heard about her in April and was really impressed. I'm glad McCain was wise enough to pick her. There is still hope for this conservative!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mother Nature Took One Too Many Happy Pills

So, I heard yesterday that there is apparently a huge influx in spiders this fall in Utah. This came from a new employee who was covered in spider bites (shudder). So, we got to talking and I found out a) I didn't know what a deadly Hobo Spider looked like and I should, they are pretty common b) there is apparently some really freaky spiders here in Utah. (i.e.: Brown Recluse, Rocky Mtn Recluse, and the new Salt Flat Spider).

This prompted me to visit my basement dwelling roommate (despite the fact that spiders love basements) Lori to discuss. We peeped around on the internet (just a warning, it's way freaking and makes you itch). However, we came across quite the "happy" little spider actually called the Happy Face Spider. They live in Hawaii. Now when you look at them, you're going to think that someone was bored and did some Photo Shopping....this is not the case. Do not be fooled...they are real. Maybe these spiders are just Bobby McFerrin fans (ba da bing). Okay, so only Mare and I are laughing on that one...or maybe just me. I'm lame.

Seriously, you've got to check them out:

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Amy Has Left The Building

As most know, this has been the hardest year of my life (and I've had a few "very hard" years before). I haven't been one to use my blog as a means to share my vulnerabilities as others have...but I guess true to form with my "new" blog, I'm making a change where that is concerned...well, at least today.

I have heard it several times ... "Amy, you are just not you lately". Well, the truth of the matter is that the old Amy is never coming back. One doesn't travel through hell, fire and brimstone and look the same on the other side. Its unreasonable to expected that of me. I truly hope to come out better and stronger for the tough journey and the hard lessons learned but that does take time. Moral of the story is...old Amy is never coming back. New Amy hasn't yet arrived...but she will.

CORRECTION: I would be terribly remissed if I didn't also note that I've also had amazing and great experiances in the last year. I've had great love, countless blessings, and spiritual insight that have shaped me. To overlook those things would be a great sin. These things are what drive me through the tough times when I don't think I can't make it.

Friday, August 22, 2008

What the Change?

This change of hostess is brought to you by...

- An itch for change...and its less devastating than a spontaneous hair cut.
- Britta, who has the most creative and darling blog and I hate her for it.
- Reluctancy to work. Its Friday for crying out loud!
- Nora Roberts, who often writes under the alias of J.D. Robbs (fellow trashy novel readers already know this).
- If the "artist formally known as Prince" jumped off a cliff, I just might too.
- The REAL REASON: "Blogger" took away my creative freedom with a technical clinch. Achtung Amy is dead.

On the BV-side: Yes, I fully admit to copying master blogger Britta Vaughn with my fancy signature. I like to think of it as following being tuned in to a new fashion trend rather than a form of plagiarism but a hero can't be a hero, without a hero right?

Here is to curing the itch. BV, you rock.