Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bragging Rights

I work for the BEST company!!!! No really, I do...

We learned that my company was named a 2009 winner of "Utah's Best Place To Work". I mean, I already knew this but this just makes it official. I AM SO FREAKIN' EXCITED! (See what free milk, crackers and Thursday "Treat Day" can buy ya.)

This is BIG news, particularly for my department. Its been a major goal of HR's to get us this title. We've worked very hard and it feels oh-so-good. Looks like "Mind that Bird" isn't the only one standing in the winner's circle this week.

Department of Workforce Service's award staff said: "This year the amount of nominations almost doubled from last year. Because of the large number of nominations and the high quality of the companies, the competition was especially fierce."

We've been trying to win for the last five years!!! Interestingly enough, this happens to be the one year that Michelle has been on our HR team. Coincidence? You be the judge.

I'm off to celebrate...again (company champagne toast was this morning for breakfast.)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My (new) Favorite Things

I am not Oprah and I know its not Christmas but I still got me some "favorite things".

There will always be my good ole favorite things such as U2, ice-cream, "24", shoes, MAC, Bruno, Yellowstone, anything peanut butter, etc. But as of late, I've discovered a few NEW things that make me happy to add to my list:

CASTLE: Its a new TV show on ABC that I just got into (before I gave up on TV but I will likely still sneak a peak online at this funny and unique show). Its about a hot babe female cop and a handsome crime novelist. He's writing a new book and wishes to base his latest crime fighting character on the hot babe cop...and she ABSOLUTELY HATES it but I LOVE it. Its great plus looking at hot Nathan Fillion is a lot of fun too.

PEPPERMINT: A few things peppermint, that is.

  • Regular peppermint oil...I just add it to my daily lotions for a good tingling sensation.
  • Victoria Secrets' has a "Beauty Rush" lip-gloss in peppermint that I just can't get enough of.
  • Bath & Body Works CO. Bigalow "Mentha Vitamin " Lotion AND Body Wash (with peppermint oil). CAUTION: Careful with the body wash as if you get it in tender dark places, it will tingle a little too much (know what I mean) unless you're into that sort of thing.

BIG HUNKS (the candy bar): Seriously, these things are amazing! With only 230 calories, I love that I cannot gulp one down in just one bite. It takes me some good effort to gobble the big guy up, not to mention that its tasty.

WALKING: I'm doing a walking tour of the valley this spring. I pick a new neighborhood and walk about 3 miles of it a day (or I try). It offers variety, its scenic and basically I love to covet other people's giant houses and yards. Thats right, I live on the edge.

MAVERICK's FRO-YO: I think the props for this lovely treat introduction goes to Loooooori and Carrie. Its the best soft serve since a Carnival cruise ship.

MY FISH: I pulled a "Carrie" and got me a bubble eyed gold-fish and he's adorable! His name is George Michael, originally named after the teen character from the tv show "Arrested Development". However, he's so frilly and wiggles his hip-less body as if he was Shakira, that I think he takes after the artist named George Michael instead (if you know what I mean). If he had ears, I bet he'd get them pierced.
ZUPPAS: A (new to me) restaurant that serves the best paninis, salads and soups. Its so dang good that I even dare go in on a frightfully sizzling day in July and order up their "Lobster Bisque" without even a second thought. I also recommend their "Caribbean Coconut Pumpkin" soup. Mmmmmm. Carrie, my body thanks you for introducing me to this place.

DEPECHE MODE's "SOUNDS OF THE UNIVERSE": Its their latest album and 'F'amazing! Its so good...and so naughty at the same time. That DM just can't do a thing "Wrong". Can't wait to see their show this fall.