Thursday, September 24, 2009

120 Days Of (Amy’s) Summer

So, you might be thinking 120 days? Well, yes! Unlike the traditional calendar definition of summer, *my* summer starts with the shedding of layers...and the commencement of the fun.

And 2009 was the summer of Amy. Just little old me. I’ve been self-exploring and spending time with *me* doing *me* things. Might sound very self-involved but the summer’s of 2007 and 2008 were some of the WORST in my entire life! (I wish that was an overstatement, but it’s not). But I survived. I conquered. And I really owed it to myself to have a great summer this time around. And IT WAS GREAT!

My awesome summer consisted of:

- 5 hikes. (Weak for others, pretty good for me).
- 2 new nieces. Kate Eileen and Margueriete Catherine (two little nephews coming this fall).
- 0 TV hours at my house…and I love it!
- 3 crushes. Two blondes and a brunette.
- 1 near death experience...with this very grizzly bear. I don't recommend it.

- 2 too many airplane rides.
- 3 illnesses. Lame.
- 1 Dunkin’ Donut. It was my first and my last. They super suck!
- 4 camping trips.
- 64,999. The # of *other* people at a single concert along with me, including JJ, Michelle and Carrie. (The most people I’ve ever seen at one time!)

(Can you see us? We are up front. Really:))

- 2 U2 shows! (One more to go.)
- 5 politically charged blogs. Some may think one too many but oh well.
- 6 concerts (Vast, Keane, Jonas Brothers, Depeche Mode, U2 & U2). 4 more in the queue for this fall.
- 25 lbs of weight loss....and counting.
- 2. The # of rows back from the stage at a U2 show this year. Sorry, I can't get over it.
- 1 date. (While only 1, I have to say I wasn’t even trying so it feels like a mini victory to me. I’ll take it, plus it was a good one.)
- 12 days of straight rain…in this desert...and I LOVED it!
- 2 classes. Nutrition and Tap. Call me the next Gregory Hines.
- 1 new roommate.
- 3 sleep overs at the Brough's! I sure do love you guys!!!

- 11 or so dye jobs. What? “No, it’s natural”.
- 253 miles logged on Moon Doggie (my beach cruiser… I’m NOT EVEN JOKING).
- 1 flat tire, for which I fixed myself. :)
- 5.5 books read. (A miracle for me. I normally read ½ a book a year…by the pool).
- 1 crockpot…and many new recipes cooked by someone who *doesn’t* cook. A miracle!
- 7 new pairs of shoes. Guilty as charged. Try to make me stop.

And finally …0 boyfriends which played a big role in the amazing summer of Amy.

R.I.P. summer…you were very good to me.
I’m eager to see what the fall brings me.


The Lingwalls said...

Ooooh! I love this post, none of that political poop. :) You forgot that one time at Snowbird...oh wait, that was 4 years ago. Let it go or I WILL re-enact it! Summer 2009, it was amazing.

Looori said...

Amy, this was a good one. I agree with you, Summer 2009 was a good one! Heres to hoping Fall 2009 will be just as good!

JennJam said...

I love the summer of Amy!

But I can't count The JoBros as a concert, sweet Ames - - no, sorry. (AND I can't believe you sandwiched them between GREAT artists in this list, hee hee!)
I love the 4 concerts you saw, though. HAAAA!
(Vast??!! *love*)

Way to go on achieving your goals ... you should be proud of yourself. You deserve that!

(I love the pic. of us in Chicago . . . you took that picture SO FAST, I hardly remember getting my smile on. Clearly, Michelle didn't have time to, haaaa!)

~Emily~ said...

Oh ya, Miss Cindy helped me find your blog :)

YAY, I made the list!! ;) I love that you love concerts - they are great, hu.

Is there going to be a tap dance recital...or did I already miss it?

hapi said...

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